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our mission strategy

30X, 60X & 100X

The parable of the sower is the inspiration behind our circuit strategy. Much of the seed sown was lost due to the ground being unprepared, hard and unproductive.
Pathway - hard place which is trampled and nothing grows
Rocks - shallow places, seed germinated but had no root and so withered

Weeds -troubles, cares and pleasures of this world chocked the like, no fruit
However some seed fell in good soil, the seed germinated and its roots grew deep and it produced a harvest 30X, 60X &100X.

Ultimately it is God who gives the growth, but we are reminded that Paul says, one sows, another waters, we have a part to play in helping the seed find good soil and the best conditions, to nurture the young growth, until it produces fruit of its own.
To help our youngsters and equip our churches we need to help them navigate the plethora of worldview and help them to think critically through the various worldview and consider these from a Christian perspective - finding truth.

Consider some of the 'ism’s young people are having to consider and navigate their way through today. Are parents and churches prepared and equipped to enable our young people think their way through this range of ideas and philosophies...

Skepticism -            I’d believe if there was evidence
Post Modernism -   There is no truth
Moral relativism -    You can’t judge me
Emotionalism -        Follow your heart
Pluralism -              Many gods and all roads lead to God
Naturalism -            I'm my own God which links with individualism 
Multiculturalism -    Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity
New Ageism -         Pick and mix spirituality, influenced by Eastern mysticism 
Progressivism -       Focus on social justice and environmentalism 
Atheism -                A rejection of God
Humanism -            Progressive philosophy of life, without God 
Genderism -           Gender identity

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